Seminars and Workshops

Workshops and seminars are available for churches, schools, home school groups, colleges, social clubs, and businesses. Contact Me for information regarding availability, scheduling, and pricing.

At this time I do not offer open enrollment seminars. They are customized according to a client’s needs and the desired outcomes. They are held at a nearby church, school, hotel or convention center, depending on the number of attendees. I will work with my clients to find a date and time suitable for their needs.

body-language-business-etiquette-businesspeople-1179804 Business Etiquette Seminar

The Business Etiquette Seminar will prepare you for a professional interview process, a successful career, and the manners to increase your self esteem and influence on the job. Click the link for more information.
Ages 18+ 

RobertsBaldwin01268 Wedding Etiquette Seminar

The Wedding Etiquette Seminar prepares Brides, bridal parties, and wedding professionals for the Big Day. This Seminar provides the correct way to create a guest list, how to address invitations, how to deal with difficult family members, how to communicate with wedding vendors, and much more. Click the link for more information.
Ages 18+

beverage-blur-caffeine-814264 Hospitality in the Home Seminar and Workshop

The Hospitality in the Home combines seminar and workshop. We will discuss the need for radical hospitality, what it is and what it isn’t, cleaning schedules and tips for tidiness of mind and home, and how to set up a gracious guest room. The workshop portion is spent creating guest toiletries baskets and care packages. Click the link for more information.
Ages 18+ (Teens are welcome to attend with their parent and/or guardian)

blur-cup-drink-355097 Etiquette Tea

The Etiquette Tea is an interactive event where we will combine education with application. A beautiful tea party event where you will learn to take tea as if you were sitting with the Queen of England herself. All food and china will be provided. Click the link for more information.

Ages 6+ (Must have a parent or guardian in attendance)