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6 Items Every Host Should to Have at the Ready

My husband and I decided to adopt an open door policy when we moved into our home. Anyone is welcome, at any time, for any reason. It can be difficult to cope with this kind of life if you're never prepared for company. Over the years I've adapted, reorganized, came up tips and tricks, and… Continue reading 6 Items Every Host Should to Have at the Ready

Lifestyle, Practical Hospitality

5 Ways to Deal With Rudeness

We live in an ever changing world. One where rudeness is almost a quality of everyday life. With an increasing number of reality TV shows showing major meltdowns and praising rude behavior, it's now become a norm in our society. I refuse to accept this. We don't have to accept rudeness as a norm and… Continue reading 5 Ways to Deal With Rudeness


Word for 2022: CULTIVATE

What does it mean to cultivate something? Merriam Webster's dictionary says "to devote time and thought to in order to improve or develop by careful attention, training, or study." We cultivate many things. We cultivate herbs and flowers to grow in soil. We cultivate attitudes in our hearts. We cultivate learning, tastes, children, marriage, and… Continue reading Word for 2022: CULTIVATE


A Thrill of Hope Far as the Curse is Found

Christmas week is finally here. I wanted to share something with you that encouraged me as we head into this week. With the darkness that this year has brought has also come the very painful reminder that we are living under a curse. A curse that was cast thousands of years ago during the fall of man. A curse that seems to be building as time marches forward. Heartaches of all shapes and sized remind us that this isn't the way it was supposed to be...