Are We Interesting or Interested?

I was sitting with my mother-in-law one day and we were discussing people in general. She started talking about talents and intelligence, and then she said something that stuck with me. She said "Too many people are trying to impress others, rather than be impressed by others" My mother-in-law doesn't like to talk about herself.… Continue reading Are We Interesting or Interested?


Do Manners Matter? Part 1: Basic Manners

Do manner matter anymore? Does etiquette still have a place in our culture? We don’t hear “please, thank you, and excuse me” as often as we used to. “Yes/No ma’am” is almost non-existent. People no longer give up their chair for the elderly or expecting mothers. Why is it that we are ok with this… Continue reading Do Manners Matter? Part 1: Basic Manners