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6 Items Every Host Should to Have at the Ready

My husband and I decided to adopt an open door policy when we moved into our home. Anyone is welcome, at any time, for any reason. It can be difficult to cope with this kind of life if you're never prepared for company. Over the years I've adapted, reorganized, came up tips and tricks, and… Continue reading 6 Items Every Host Should to Have at the Ready


Word for 2022: CULTIVATE

What does it mean to cultivate something? Merriam Webster's dictionary says "to devote time and thought to in order to improve or develop by careful attention, training, or study." We cultivate many things. We cultivate herbs and flowers to grow in soil. We cultivate attitudes in our hearts. We cultivate learning, tastes, children, marriage, and… Continue reading Word for 2022: CULTIVATE

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Breaking Bread: The Importance of Meals

Over and over again in the Bible, we see the term "breaking bread". The Bible uses this term for three different events. It is used for shared meals, Holy communion, and even talking about the Crucifixion. I loved my study of each of these specific events. Today we'll be specifically talking about breaking bread in terms… Continue reading Breaking Bread: The Importance of Meals


Easy Home Cleaning Schedule

Saving house cleaning for one day can be overwhelming, especially if you’re a full time mother or career woman (sometimes both at the same time). But spending every spare minute of every day cleaning is not the better option! So what do you do to simplify and save time cleaning? The first step in organizing and… Continue reading Easy Home Cleaning Schedule


5 People That Need Our Hospitality

This world is full of people needing to be loved and ministered to. Our mission is to show hospitality to everybody that we meet, right? It can get exhausting to do everything for everyone, especially if we're not well practiced or just starting out. While everyone deserves our kindness and hospitality, I've realized that there… Continue reading 5 People That Need Our Hospitality



We live in a world that is starved for true authentic hospitality. With so many magazines and TV shows displaying what a perfect home should look like, so many people are unwilling to open their home to others unless they achieve that level of perfection. From pristine living rooms that are unbelievably uncomfortable to picture… Continue reading Starved