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5 Ways to Deal With Rudeness

We live in an ever changing world. One where rudeness is almost a quality of everyday life. With an increasing number of reality TV shows showing major meltdowns and praising rude behavior, it's now become a norm in our society. I refuse to accept this. We don't have to accept rudeness as a norm and… Continue reading 5 Ways to Deal With Rudeness


Manners for Success: Back To School

It's that time again! Teachers are preparing, kids are dreading,¬†and parents are anticipating...back to school! It's hard to believe that Summer holiday is already over. Today, we'll look at some important manners to refresh for kids to have a fun and successful school year.¬†Teach children manners at home to take with them back to school,… Continue reading Manners for Success: Back To School


Tips for the Wedding Guest

Have you ever been faced with an invitation to a wedding and you didn't know what to do? Maybe it's been a while since you've attending a wedding and you don't know whether or not the rules have changed. I've been there. Within the past year, we've been invited to 11 weddings. Y'all, before I… Continue reading Tips for the Wedding Guest

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Why Hospitality and Etiquette?

I was recently asked why I focus on hospitality and etiquette. What do they have in common? The term etiquette makes a lot of people cringe. The brain automatically goes to stuffy pretentious people, sipping tea with their pinky stuck in the air. Etiquette is simply the customary code of polite behavior in society or… Continue reading Why Hospitality and Etiquette?


Do Manners Matter? Part 2: Social Etiquette

Social etiquette, including social media, is fun to talk about. It is so vitally important to our professionalism and our influence, but it's the one thing that is being ignored and cast aside more and more as time passes. Today we'll look at the top 5 etiquette rules for both in person, and online, interactions.… Continue reading Do Manners Matter? Part 2: Social Etiquette