Recommended Books


Meal With Jesus
In this book, author Tim Chester shows that meals are an important part of hospitality and Christianity, by drawing our community together as grace is extended at the table.

The Gospel Comes With a House Key
In this book, author Rosaria Butterfield uses her own story to demonstrate how important simple, but radical, hospitality is in our changing culture.

The Simple Way to Change the World
In this book, author Willis and Clements talk about simple hospitality being the strongest vehicle for the Gospel and building Christ centered relationships.

Amy Vanderbilt Complete Book of Etiquette
Practical advise on manners for any occasion, event, or situation. First published in 1952, the book has had several revisions. Each just as good as the last.

Emily Post’s Etiquette
Originally published in 1922, this 19th edition was revised and thoroughly updated in 2017 to include everything from social graces to social media.

Emily Post’s Wedding Etiquette
Published in 2014, this complete guide to wedding etiquette will put any bride’s mind at ease as she navigates situations and events surrounding her dream day. This is the book used in our Wedding Etiquette Seminar.

A Kid’s Guide to Manners
Let’s face it, Kid’s don’t like learning manners. Written for children and their family, this fun book given a fresh approach to exciting lessons in manners and communication. This is the book used in our Etiquette for Children Workshop.

Etiquette Advantage in Business
This book goes through the many categories of business and the importance of etiquette in the office. This includes social media use, email etiquette, work policies, and tips for success. This book is used in our Business Etiquette Seminar

This is a must read for anyone in ministry or wanting to establish an open door hospitality mindset. This prepares you for drawing healthy boundaries in your life so you can be successful in your relationships.

Magnolia Table: A Collection of Recipes
Written by Joanna Gains, this is one of my favorite recipe collections.

*I am not paid to advertise these books. Each book is from my own personal recommendation