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5 Ways to Deal With Rudeness

We live in an ever changing world. One where rudeness is almost a quality of everyday life. With an increasing number of reality TV shows showing major meltdowns and praising rude behavior, it’s now become a norm in our society. I refuse to accept this. We don’t have to accept rudeness as a norm and we certainly don’t have to be rude to get through life. We shouldn’t repay rudeness with rudeness. Here are 5 quick tips for dealing with rude behavior in others while avoiding it yourself.

Practice Empathy

Consider first that if a person isn’t normally rude, but they’re are exhibiting rude behavior now, there may be something deeper happening. Something as simple as a lack of sleep can get even the best of us riled and ruffled. There could be difficulties at home, stress over a health crisis, or a difficult family situation. Put yourself in their place and ask how you would be handling the same situation. If they aren’t normally a rude person, show grace and kindness and simply let it go.

Do Not Take It Personally

Nine times out ten the rude behavior is not directed at you as a person. The best thing you can do in this situation is to let it roll off of your shoulders. For me, learning to not take it personally has been a tremendous help as I’ve learned to respond without anger. Remember we cannot control how others act, but we can control how we act.

Do Not Escalate the Situation

Whether or not the rudeness is directed at you personally, do not escalate the situation by reacting in anger or rudeness. Take a deep breath and choose to respond in a way that will make you proud the next day and every day after. Always choose to be the calmer person in the situation. If you need to walk away, it is perfectly acceptable to excuse and remove yourself from the situation.

Call The Behavior Out

If you are constantly and consistently dealing with rudeness from a single person, ask to speak with them and bring attention to the behavior. Do so in grace. You do not need to allow the behavior to continue, you can call it out in an appropriate setting. If it is aggressive rude behavior, it is best to ask another person to be there as a mediator, just be sure they are a neutral party.

Be A Good Example

Always treat others with respect. By your good example you may encourage others to follow in your footsteps. If you feel yourself becoming rude or short with someone, take a deep breath and check your heart. Maybe you need sleep, a snack, or a quick breath of fresh air before you proceed. There may be times you catch yourself being rude and need to apologize. I’ve been there more times than I’d like to admit. I can’t ever be too proud to apologize when I’ve been in the wrong.

We may encounter rudeness in our day to day lives, but it doesn’t have to be reciprocated. Treat everyone you meet with kindness and you will stand out as a shining light in the dark.


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