Manners for Success: Back To School

It’s that time again! Teachers are preparing, kids are dreading, and parents are anticipating…back to school! It’s hard to believe that Summer holiday is already over. Today, we’ll look at some important manners to refresh for kids to have a fun and successful school year.back-to-school-conceptual-cube-207658 Teach children manners at home to take with them back to school, don’t expect the school  teacher to do everything. Prepare your children ahead of time. A great way to teach and assess comprehension with younger children is to role play different scenarios and events. This is not only a fun way to learn, but will also increase the chance of them, remembering the correct way to handle a situation when it arises. There are 4 main categories to cover with children and teens:

Manners on the Bus

  1. Sit down and stay in your seat until you arrive at school/home.
  2. Do not yell or throw things.
  3. Be kind to others, especially new students.

Manners in the Classroomapple-blur-book-stack-256520

  1. Say please and thank you.
  2. Do not talk to your friends while your teacher is talking.
  3. Keep your phone put away during class.
  4. Raise your hand if you have a question.
  5. If your teacher corrects your behavior, do not throw a tantrum.

Manners on the Playground

  1. Do not bully others (Bullying is the same as teasing, making fun, pranks, mean words, touching, or taking someone’s things).
  2. Do not allow others to bully you. (Always find an adult if you feel like you’re being bullied)
  3. Share toys and take turns with equipment.

Manners for the Cafeteria

  1. Say please and thank you.
  2. Do not talk with food in your mouth.
  3. Throw your trash away, do not leave it on the table.
  4. Do not throw food.
  5. Be friendly to everyone, especially new students.


Taking time to refresh children and teens on basic manners at home will set them up for a successful school year. Their teachers and classmates will benefit as well. When children/teens ask why these manners are important, there are 3 main reasons to give them.

  • It will make you a more likeable person
  • It will set you apart in a good way
  • It will give you a boost in confidence

Happy School Year!

Paige Baldwin


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