Beach Etiquette


This past week, my husband and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary on Panama City Beach. It was such a wonderful time. We got to explore a few beaches, try several new restaurants, go on a pirate ship cruise, and much more. We made beautiful memories and came home feeling relaxed and thankful.

While we were there I overheard several conversations, and witnessed a couple cringe worthy scenes. I thought we’d look at some basic etiquette to get us going in the right direction for memorable beach vacation. After all, there’s nothing more relaxing than laying in the sun and hearing the ocean waves flirt with the warm sand. ♥

Beach Etiquette:

1.) Don’t make fun of others.
There are enough people in this world pointing fingers and “body shaming”. Do not


become one of those people. It’s rude, unmannered, and shows ignorance.

2.) Follow the rules
Just because it’s a vacation does not give any of us a right to disregard the rules. If the rules say no eating on the beach, do not eat on the beach.

3.) Don’t leave trash
There are plenty of trash bins scattered through out the beach. Take 2 minutes and walk your garbage to be bin. Leave nothing but footprints.

4.) Keep your music to yourself
Everyone has a different taste in music. Keep your music low, or use earbuds, out of respect and courtesy for others.

5.) Watch your language
Please respect the families with children on the beach and watch the language you use. For that matter, please have respect for yourself and watch your language. It’s low class and uncouth to drop swear words into your sentence. It discredits anything you say and you will lose respect.


6.) Watch your kids and pets
Don’t be the parent letting their unruly children and pets go bother other people and disrupt their vacations. Teach your children beach etiquette as well and everyone will have a much better time. Keep your pets on a leash. Some people have allergies or fear of animals and don’t want Bowser coming up and licking their unsuspecting face.

7.) Don’t feed the birds
Most beaches will have this as a posted rule (see #2). Even if they don’t have it posted, avoid feeding the birds. It’s harmful to them and it can damage their ability to hunt their own food resulting in starvation long after you’re gone.

8.) Don’t get drunk
Remember the one drink rule? It’s ok to have one if you know your limit. Do not get drunk on a public beach. It’s rude to others and dangerous to yourself.

9.) Don’t smoke
Even if there are no rules against it, please don’t smoke. There are a lot of asthmatic people who don’t need a respiratory event while they’re on vacation. Also, cigarette smoke and butts do damage to wildlife and nature. Please wait until you’re in a specially designated are to smoke.

10.) Watch your swimsuit for “slips”


Losing your swim top or bottom in the ocean is not funny or cute. Unless you’re on a nude beach, be sure and wear an appropriate swim suit. This shows respect to yourself and those around you.

11.) Don’t shake sand/water everywhere
If you’re going to shake out of hair or beach towel, be sure and do it away from others. You don’t want the wind carrying your mess right into someone else’s face or drink.

The Beach is such a wonderful place for relaxation, boosting Vitamin D, and just unwinding. Please be courteous and treat others as you would want yourself and your children treated. With those tips in mind, pack your sunscreen and swimsuit and head to the beach! The ocean is calling!


Happy Beaching! Paige Baldwin

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