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10 Tips to a Tidy Home


Opening your home is always less scary when it’s neat and orderly. My stress level is at an all time low when I host right after a deep clean and clutter purge. But let’s be honest, we don’t always have time to do deep cleanings every couple of days for that spotless magazine look. Nor are we meant to. Homes are living spaces, and as such it’s ok to show signs of life and activity. However, having a tidy home improves your mood as well as decreasing your fear of last minute company popping by for a visit.

“A clean house empowers us to be more while doing less to stay ahead of the chaos.” (Love the Home you Have by Melissa Michaels)

Below are my top 10 tips to keeping your home neat and tidy, and therefore always ready for the unexpected.

1.) Open your mail daily and throw spam mail away. Invest in a folder or organizer for important mail, but only after you’ve opened it. Don’t hoard coupons you’ll probably never use. Only save the grocery ads until you’ve made your shopping list for the week. (TIP: Notate the price and location next to the item on your list so you can trash the ads.)

2.) Fold laundry as you pull it out of the dryer. This will keep things neat and organized, while also preventing hard wrinkles from forming.

3.) Start your dishwasher every night and empty it every morning. This keeps clean dishes in your cabinet, and horrid smells out of your kitchen. If there’s not enough for a load, hand wash them and put them away.

You can find cute baskets ranging in size and color at Target or Amazon

4.) Keep a cute basket in the living room for last minute toys, books, etc. (TIP: Purchase a cute basket for each child to keep by their door. At the end of the day they can use it to collect all of their loose items throughout the house, and carry to their bedrooms easily.) Find my favorite baskets here.

5.) Use a basket or quilt rack to store blankets instead of the back of your sofa. This keep the blankets neat, in one place, and out of the way until needed.

6.) No more than 3 items on each side table. Example: A stack of coasters, a box of tissues, and a candle. A lamp, a remote, and a stack of coasters. A book, a candle, and a stack of coasters. (I really like coasters, and a stack counts as one item.)

7.) Keep a container of Lysol or baby wipes available for quick counter wipe down.

8.) Take your shoes off in your bedroom rather than the living room. Shoe clutter is still clutter. (TIP: Have a small mat or rug in the corner of your entry way if you need quick access to a pair of shoes, or for guests)

9.) Keep a bottle of room/fabric freshener nearby. Things that smell good, appear cleaner. This is especially true if you have animals. Find my favorite freshener here

10.) Make your bed every morning when you get up. A messy bed makes a whole room look messy. And if your bedroom door is open it can ruin even the neatest of homes. Discipline yourself, and make it as soon as you get up. (TIP: the lower the number of decorative pillows on your bed, the higher the probability that your husband will gladly and joyfully make it for you. Decorative pillows are poison to men.)


Check out my Resources page for a recommended product list on Amazon. These are products that I love and use to help keep clean and organized. (This is just a helpful list. I do not make a commission for sharing these products with you.)




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