A Dime Short

“Hospitality stops when you reach St. Louis”

These words have haunted me since they were spoken by that sweet, southern gentleman standing there in Nashville, Tennessee…

My husband and I had taken a much needed vacation to Nashville and were exploring the grounds of the beautiful Hermitage Plantation, home of former U.S. President Andrew Jackson. We both thoroughly enjoy interacting with history and were delighted to be there. It was sunny, cool, and crisp.  There was so much to learn, so many things to see, and so many fun people to talk with.

Standing there taking in the beauty, while leaves were falling around us, a gentleman stopped in his tracks to wish us a good day. We struck up a conversation with the man that started with kind words and a discussion on southern hospitality. Then he asked where we were from. My husband proudly told him we were from St. Louis, and then something I didn’t expect happened. A sadness fell over the man and he looked at us and said “you know, I’ve traveled through your city many times. It’s sad, I’ve noticed hospitality stops when you reach St. Louis.”  I was embarrassed  at this statement.
I was at a complete loss for words. The next sentence he spoke snapped me back to reality. He shook his head and said “I just don’t understand it. It doesn’t cost a dime to be kind.

He was correct. Unfortunately, many people today seem to be a dime short. 

My name is Paige Baldwin. I am a Christ follower, wife, and nurse living in a St. Louis suburb with my wonderful husband of 4 months.  I have one desire: to change the world, starting with my city. What would happen if St. Louis became the epicenter for a nationwide return to grace and kindness. What if we didn’t automatically think of the “good ole South” when we hear the word hospitality. What if it starts with you?

What is hospitality? The dictionary defines hospitality as “the friendly reception and treatment of guests or strangers”.  Romans 12 tells us that we are to love sincerely, honor one another, share with those in need, and practice hospitality. My desire for this blog is to share with you my dreams, discuss tips for modern hosting, and show you how small touches to everyday living can make big differences in the lives of others. 

Thank you for joining me on this adventure!


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