Thank you for visiting! Reclaiming Her Grace was born out of a passion for open heart hospitality and etiquette because of their ability to take relationships with others to a higher level. At RHG we don’t just see a partnership, but focus on the people behind those partnerships. We teach open hearted hospitality in every area of life whether personal or professional. Whether you want to be a more organized host, up-to-date on the latest etiquette trends, knowledgeable about etiquette of days gone by, learn how to plan events and menus, or have a deeper faith and relationship with Christ, we have something for you.

Our hospitality services include seminars and workshops on hospitality in the home and business; dining, wedding, and business etiquette; event planning and coordination including menu planning; and finally our new Handpicked Hospitality boxes with tools and resources needed to help you prepare. Workshops and seminars are available for churches, social clubs, book clubs, schools, home school groups, non-profit organizations, and businesses. See our Services page for more information.

At Reclaiming Her Grace, you will be equipped to start a hospitality ministry, attend (or host) any number of events with ease, avoid embarrassment at formal dinners, learn the ins-and-outs of maintaining a good standing in an ever-changing social environment, and how to keep your own household organized in the process. Among the topics to be covered, we will discuss the proper etiquette for dining, planning events, hosting, and much more. We’ll explore the importance of love and a hospitable heart in all we do, whether in our home or in our community.

We are so excited to work with you and to help you discover which of our resources can be utilized to meet your individual needs.  If you are interested in Paige speaking or teaching for your next event please reach out via email or phone for a consultation. Visit our Speaking page for more details.

Our Mission Statement

Reclaiming Her Grace is committed to providing the education and resources needed to be confident in a social, business, and formal environment.

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Paige has been writing, teaching, coaching, and speaking since 2014. When she’s not spending time with her wonderful husband and son, she loves writing about hospitality, etiquette, faith, and better living! Read more

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